4 Ways To Make Money Online From Home As A Student.

Join Duke as a reseller.

One way you can make money online as a student is to sell physical products that you don’t personally own, but are able to source from suppliers. This is known as drop-shipping, and involves finding products that are in high demand and then arranging for the supplier to ship the products directly to the customer. This can be a good way to make money without having to invest in inventory upfront. Duke makes reselling so easy and less time consuming by handling your order fulfillment on your behalf so you can have more time to focus on school while you earn.

 Sell items on Jiji.

Jiji is a platform that provides you with a marketplace to reach millions of customers where you can sell items online (either items you own or source from suppliers). For example, you could use Jiji to sell handmade crafts, vintage clothing  you own or unique high demand products that you have sourced platforms like Duke. By offering items that are not readily available on other online marketplaces, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and potentially attract more customers.

Selling Vintage/Secondhand items on etsy or ebay

Another way to make money online from home as a student would be to sell secondhand or vintage items on an ecommerce platform such as etsy or ebay. If you have items that you no longer need or want, such as clothes, books, or other household items, you can sell them on an ecommerce platform. This is a great way to make money while also decluttering your space. This could be a particularly attractive option for students who are looking to make money while also providing a valuable service to their local community.

Sell ebooks and online courses on  payhip

Another option would be to use a platform like payhip  to sell digital products such as ebooks, printables, or online courses. These types of products can be created and sold without any upfront costs, and can be a great way to monetize your knowledge and expertise.

In conclusion, you can make money as a student without sacrificing your time for studying and deprioritizing your academics by taking advantage of some money making platforms like  payhip, etsy or ebay, Duke and Jiji. Sign up on any of these platforms today, and enjoy a debt-free education.