About Duke

Every top entrepreneur started with buying and selling - retail.
You bought at a wholesale price and sold at a markup.
But, buying to sell has become riskier over the years

Reasons to Choose Duke

You don’t need to risk money to start your online retail journey.

Access to money to buy products is becoming challenging.
Everyone encourages young people to start a business. But the reality is most of us don't even have enough capital to buy inventory. Duke solves this easily and helps you get started for free!
Gatekeepers keep you away from quality suppliers.
Duke has sourced thousands of products from quality suppliers all over the world. Free access to quality products from quality suppliers. Just add your profit and sell
Achieve real financial independence today
Thousands of resellers on Duke generate enough weekly income to take care of their needs and have extra to save. This is the path to financial independence

We would love for you to give
Duke a try - it is free.

Countries We Are Live In

Ghana Flag: Ghana on Apple iOS 15.4

Nigeria Flag: Nigeria on Apple iOS 15.4

South Africa Flag: South Africa on Apple iOS 15.4

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Duke empowers people who want to start a business online but have no capital. We list different products at wholesale prices on the Duke  App. You (the reseller) will find the ones you want to sell, add to shop, add your profit and share online. Once you get an order, place it on our platform. We will deliver on your behalf, collect the cash and send you the profit you added easy

Anyone can be a reseller on Duke. There are currently hundreds of resellers on Duke and they are all from diverse backgrounds. Some are students, housewives, full-time workers, self-employed, etc. All you need is a mobile phone and you too can become a reseller.

We have in-app training videos made by digital marketing experts who will be helping you with all the skills required in selling online. So if you have no experience don’t worry at all. Just be determined to learn and work hard.

We currently operate in South Africa and Nigeria. But we are expanding to other countries soon.