Hair Products

Duke offers a huge selection of the best hair products for every type of curl, coil, wave, or straight hair to keep your hair looking good.

Our product range offers shampoos for daily use, conditioners for additional hair care, styling products for wild looks, professional hairdressing equipment, hair colors, cosmetics, perfumes, brushes, straighteners, hairdryers, curling irons, or accessories. With our product range, you can start a business online to earn money and satisfy your customer’s requirements.

Wigs & Weaves Find a wide variety of quality and wholesale wigs and weaves options are available to you. They come in different lengths, colors, and styles such as curly, wavy, or straight ones. Start your wigs and weaves store online with zero capital and earn money using Duke.

Hair Creams Discover the best deals on hair products including hair vitamins, shampoo and conditioners, oils and serums, relaxers, natural hair products etc. With our wide range of collections, you can easily start your online business of hair products without investing any capital in inventory.

Browse, share and earn. We will also deliver your products to your customers in parts of South Africa and Nigeria.

Hair Equipment; Browse our collection for a great selection of high-end and wholesale priced quality hair equipment and accessories including hair styling tools, hairdryers, scissors, brush, comb, hair iron etc. for your customers or barber shops/salons.

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