Top 5 Tips For Duke Resellers To Help You Stay Ahead.

Pay attention to order statuses: As a reseller, it is imperative to pay attention to the order statuses of your customers’ orders. This will keep you up to date on whatever developments have occurred concerning the orders you have placed on your customer’s behalf. Orders can be found by going to “Account” >> “My Orders”.

Profit should be marginal relative to price of product: On the app, resellers are given the option to increase profit by up to 100% of the product’s price. This was done in an attempt to create financial flexibility seeing as our goal is to help resellers generate more profit. However, the smartest way to fully take advantage of this system is to focus less on trying to cash out on just a handful of sales and more on making long term profits from a large volume of sales. E.g Selling ten pieces of 60ghc bags with 20ghc profit added on each as opposed to trying to sell that same bag for 120ghc because you added the maximum amount of profit possible on the app.

How to contact customer service: Customer service is an important part of any business and as such we have made it very easy to get in touch with our customer service agents regarding your any and every need. To talk to an agent on the app, click the speech bubble at the top right corner of your app.

Adding orders to cart:  As a reseller, there will be times where you receive bulk orders from the same customer. As such, instead of placing each order on the app individually, you can make use of the cart system. This allows you to place all orders pertaining to one customer in a single cart. This not only cuts down the amount of time required for the order to be processed but also, it makes it easier for you to track the exact number of items you have actively selected for your customer on the app. Simply search for the products and click “Add to cart”. All items added to the cart will be visible once you tap on the cart icon at the top right corner of your app. 

Taking advantage of the in-app notifications in order to spot new products: Notifications are periodically sent out from the Duke app to resellers pertaining to newly restocked items, trendy products and generally overlooked items that are available on the app. Resellers can utilize this feature by taking note of these products and even re-use the taglines or descriptions used for these in-app notifications for their own personal marketing platforms/campaigns. There are also various banners on the app with Time sensitive deals such as Free-deliveries and Discounts and as such, we advise resellers to keep an eye out for such banners so as to provide their customers with the best deals.

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