Common Mistakes To Avoid When Reselling On Duke.

E Commerce is a very tried and tested avenue for making money especially given the current state of the global economy. It however can be tricky to navigate effectively and as such, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when reselling on Duke.

Large profit margins: As a new reseller, your goal should be increasing your customer base (Making profit from volume) and as such, adding extremely high profit margins will make it difficult to attract more casual buyers to your products. For example, you are more likely to sell a large number of $45 Duke bags for $50 to $55 as opposed to selling them at $90 and above.

Inputting wrong Customer Numbers: Contacting a customer with wrong contact details can delay the order processing pipeline thus potentially leading to order statuses such as “customer unreachable” or even after a few days “canceled”. The number of orders being processed can sometimes be quite large and as such to help prevent any unnecessary delays, kindly cross check to make sure the numbers being put in are correct.

Being aware of order statuses: As a reseller, it is imperative to keep in touch with the various statuses that your orders go through from the moment it is placed on the app to the day it is delivered. This is to ensure that both you and your customer are kept in the loop with regards to what is happening to your order.  

Trying to withdraw profit prematurely:  Profits are paid out into your Duke wallet 4 working days after a successful delivery, after which the status of the order changes from “Delivered’ to “Payout ready”. This indicator shows that your profits are ready to be withdrawn. It is important for resellers to keep this in mind to prevent themselves from panicking when they don’t see their profit reflect immediately after an order is delivered. If your profits don’t reflect after 5 working days from delivery, kindly contact customer service on the app or any Duke representative you are in contact with for further assistance.