How To Make The Most Out Of Your Duke Customer Storefront.

The Duke Customer storefront is our way of bridging the gap between Duke and your customers as a Reseller. It provides an opportunity for your customers to directly fill in their order details such as Location, Name, Number and even payment details without you, the reseller, having to lift a finger on the app. Couple this with the newly added Duke escrow feature which ensures that money taken from your customer is not paid to any seller until delivery has been successful and you have yourself a trustworthy pipeline for payments and refunds if need be. Down below are a few easy to help orient both you and your customers on how to go about using this feature.


Search for the product your customer requested for, Click “share product”, add your profit margin and hit the share button again.

Once you’ve shared the product link to your customer, they will be greeted with a page containing the details of the item they ordered. 


Click “go to checkout” and fill in your phone number.

You will be met with an Order summary sheet. Click the “+” sign to add the quantity you want delivered. Afterwards, scroll down and fill in your shipping information/delivery details. This includes your address and delivery zone. (“Click change address” to fill in new address details).

Enter your email address (Payment receipts will be sent directly to your email).

After filling in your email, you will be given the option to proceed using your preferred choice of payment i.e. Card or mobile money.

Once your payment method has been chosen, you will be sent an alert on your device from Paystack Africa confirming the transaction. Proceed by filling the necessary details to complete the transaction.

Follow the link to become part of the Duke umbrella today.